A Lesson This Week

This week my favorite lesson was on heat transfer. I learned that radiation doesn’t need anything to transfer heat, conduction needs direct contact, and convection needs a fluid. I found these intresting. To demonstrate my teacher made popcorn using each method. I think the best part of thi was at the end of class when we got to actually eat the popcorn!

What I Did For The Challenges

For the challenges I didnt do it freely. My awesome teacher, Mrs. Wilson, assigns what challenges and activities my class and I do each week. I think the challenges are fun but some are also challenge the mind. My favorite challenge was adding widgets. I thought this was fun because i got to see all of the widgets. I am thinking about doing this next year whether a teacher assigns it or not!

Getting Involved

In the past i participated in raising money for Redcross ( an organization that helps people all around the globe), as did my school. This money that my school and i raised went to people around the world that needed more than us. Some people dont have clean water to drink, so that money might have gone to someone like that.

And it’s not just issues that the money could have helped; it could have helped disaster relief. An example is Japan, they had a huge natural disaster. Redcross also helped out with that. So by donating a little money, so many different problems in the world could be solved. See if your school will have a fundraiser for problems in the world. If not try and make one.

How do we know what the Earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it?

     Well, the answer to the question is simple. We know how it looks and what it is made out of by using tools and measuring waves. Not waves like on a beach, but waves like P and S waves. You measure these waves using a  Siesmagragh. It can tell when an earthquake will come.

     The exact way we know if something is solid or liquid under the crust and below is know what the P and S waves can pass through. S waves can pass through only solids and not liquids. However P waves can pass through solid and liquid. So by measuring these waves we can tell what is solid or liquid. That is how we can make an image of what the interior of Earth is like.

Mrs. Wilson i have finished the activities required for blog challenge 3 and 4 just letting you know. And for some reason my widgets are not showing up correctly. They only show the text for the widget not the actual widget. So if you know how to fix it leave a comment on how please.

Extra Curriculum

What I do after school is what I enjoy most in the day. On three days of the school week I football practice. Then on saturdays we play our games. So far my time has won 6 games and lost one, we have one game left before the playoffs (we have a gaurranteed spot). I also enjoy going outside to play, or just hangning out with my friends. Now that you now what i do after school, what do you do?

What is Digital Citizenship?

Some of you may be wondering what the term ” good digital citizenship” means. Well, basically its being a good citizen, but instead of in the real world, it’s in the cyber world. Some good tips would be: never tell anyone your age, never say anything mean or hurtful because anything in cyber world, will always be there.